Antlib for Maven 2.0: leverage maven poms from ant

Posted by pat 95 days ago

Last month we had one of these nonsensical polemics in rome-dev about maven vs ant for build, and wether it is worth it to maintain a build.xml for our project. Hani has been kind enough to maintain a regular build.xml for us since a long time.

Now this task should be made much easier with something I heard about on Jean-Laurent de Morlhon's blog: Antlib for Maven 2.0. These ant tasks allow you to take advantage of some of the maven convenience from ant, leveraging a project's pom.xml when you want to build in ant without using maven. For example generate an Ant Fileset of all the dependencies in a pom.xml, for use in a classpath. Nifty! This should make Hani's chore easier:-)


  1. Carlos Sanchez said about 9 hours later:
    And you can generate a basic ant script from a Maven build, with mvn ant:ant
  2. P@ said 1 day later:
    Thanks Carlos, I know, but has Hani pointed out in the email I link to in this post, the build.xml autogenerated from mvn ant:ant suck. The ant maven tasks give folks who really like ant the capability of leveraging what's in the pom while crafting an optimized build.xml.


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