"Javascript is the assembly language of Ajax applications"

Posted by pat 96 days ago

This is a quote from Arno Puder's XML11 Google Tech Talk, for which the video is now available. Don't miss it, it's fun and just geeky enough to keep you awake.

I met Arno Puder at JavaOne 3 weeks ago. I was presenting Google Web Toolkit at the Google booth and he started asking me very pointed questions about how the java to javascript compiler worked and why Google had chosen this design. I had to confess I did not know, suggested that he would need to ask the team in the developer forum, and instead asked him a demo of his project, XML11. The demo and explanations about the techniques he was using blew me away! It may not scale, and addresses a different problem than GWT, but his java bytecode to javascript compiler is a fascinating shortcut.

So I invited him to give a tech Talk at Google, which he did last week. It was an excellent talk, fortunately setup in building 42. Have fun watching it. Thanks Arno for sharing your insight with us.


  1. josson smith said about 2 hours later:
    Aha, I think lots of others would also like to learn "how GWT's java to javascript compiler worked". But it seems that the developer forum at groups is mainly discussing other things. Converting Java to JavaScript is not a difficult thing for me, because I am doing some similar things. It's an open source project -- Java2Script at http://j2s.sourceforge.net/, trying to provide a JavaScript version of Eclipse SWT. But the performance of the compiled JavaScript, maybe in your opions, the assembly language's bytecodes, is never an easy thing for me. Even though I made lots of optimizations, its performances was still very poor. And I know GWT also generates lots of JavaScript, and I think performance may also a problem when scaling up. By now, I has no experience on XML11, I just guess if relied heavily on JavaScript, scale-up may always be a problem. So in my opions, calling JavaScript an assembly language of Ajax applications may require some great performance improvements over JavaScript. Or it's still "SCRIPT". BTW: I hate the message "Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn't available in your country."!
  2. P@ said about 5 hours later:
    Thanks for the comment Josson. I'll look into j2s. Sorry about the Google Video message.


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