Google Calendar synchronization with you cell phone's Calendar

Posted by pat 108 days ago

I met Thomas Oldervoll at the Ajax Experience conference 2 weeks ago, and he showed me this really cool J2ME midlet he was developing to synchronize his cell phone's Calendar with Google Calendar. Now he has an early version of GCalSync available for download:

GCalSync will allow two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and the native phone calendar. Supported phones will be all newer Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones, BlackBerry (software version 4.0 required), and all other phones/devices that supports JSR-75 PDA Optional Packages. More details will be available soon, but if you want to play with GCalSync already now, you can download an early version.

I have not tried it out yet because I'm still waiting for my new BlackBerry, but synchronization with my cell phone is my number one requirement for a Calendar, so this is the first app I'll try out. Let me know if it works for you. Congrats and thanks Thomas!



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