I'll talk about Google APIs, Maps and Calendar, at the Ajaxian Experience conference may 12th

Posted by pat 132 days ago

The Ajaxians have been kind enough to let me speak at their upcoming Ajax Experience conference, may 10-12: the agenda is chockful of great presentations and I feel honored to present there.

My talk (formatted in hCalendar for easy posting to Google Calendar:-) is Google APIs in Ajax applications: Where and When: May 12th from 9am- to 10:30am, at the Westin St. Francis, 335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Here's the outline for it:

Space and Time are 2 important dimensions along which you can organize the world information. Google provides APIs to help deal with both: Google Maps and Google Calendar. The Google Maps API has been around for a year and defined how services could be exposed as javascript components for Mashup type Ajax applications. In april Google shipped Google Maps API v2, with API and stability enhancements, new features and better customizability.

This talk will present the changes in Google Maps v2. The Google Calendar data API is based upon a common API model called GData. The GData model uses REST principles and Atom or RSS 2.0 syndicated feeds as the base resource model to expose data held by Google services (like Google Calendar). This talk will present GData and the Google Calendar data API, as well as a sample use in GreaseMonkey.

See you there.



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