Jeremy Zawodny about Google Data API

Posted by pat 139 days ago

Jeremy gets it: Google's GData, MySQL, and the Future of on-line Databases.

GData is the realization of the future that Adam Bosworth spoke about at the 2004 MySQL Users Conference. It just so happened that I re-listened to his talk a several weeks ago during a walk to the bank. Hearing it for the second time, I was much more receptive to his ideas about creating a simple and open replacement for all the proprietary communications protocols currently in use by database vendors. By using HTTP and RSS or Atom, one could get 80% of the needed functionality while also greatly simplifying how things work.

Fun that he mentions Bosworth's 2005 MySQL conference talk, since this talk is part of the things that draw me to Google last year:-)

Doug Cutting from Apache Lucene proposed a Lucene GData Server as a Summer of Code project: way cool!


  1. Ludovic Dubost said about 10 hours later:
    We also proposed an XWiki GData API project for the Google Summer of Code. Ludovic
  2. P@ said 1 day later:
    Cool, thanks Ludo.


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