Post hCalendar events to Google Calendar programmatically

Posted by pat 143 days ago

The Google Calendar Data API was announced this week. I hacked a little GreaseMonkey script that lets you post hCalendar events on any page to your Google Calendar with the click of a button.

There's not much in there: I just took the GreaseMonkey extension that Elias Torres posted last week, which parses the hCalendar format, tweaked it a bit to get the data in the format I needed, then added the http logic for the POST call of the protocol.

This is just a proof of concept to show how you can use the protocol in javascript: to make a usable script the hCalendar parser needs to be improved, you'd need to cache the gsessionid, give the user some feedack about the operation status, handle the captchas, etc...

Also it is not secure: the extension stores your username/password locally. Feel free to change that to var email='youremail' if you prefer.

With that in mind, you can find it here: hCalendar to Google Calendar extension. Have fun with the Google Calendar Data API!



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