Congratulations to Niall Kennedy

Posted by pat 152 days ago

From Creating a feed syndication platform at Microsoft

Starting next week I will join Microsoft's Windows Live division to create a new product team around syndication technologies such as RSS and Atom.

Too bad he did not join us: he did a great job at ETech presenting the Google Reader Platform and API.

I do not believe we have even begun to tap into the power of feeds as a platform and the possibilities that exist if we mine this data, connect users, and add new layers of personalization and social sharing. These are just some of the reasons I am excited to build something new and continue to change how the world can access new information as it happens.

Neither do I, and this seems a worthy goal: so far what I've seen coming from the Microsoft RSS team is a pretty good platform, and I hope they will keep it open as usage of feed grows. Good luck in your new job Niall.


  1. Nick said about 3 hours later:
    Speaking of Google Reader, how come you aren't working on that? Have you seen my Reader IG Module thing?
  2. P@ said 11 days later:
    Reader was implemented already when I joined, so they didn't need me:-) But I've discussed with the team, first thing when I joined. I've seen your IG module: cool stuff!


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