adwords4r: a first draft is out

Posted by pat 178 days ago

I just commited a first shot at an adwords api lib for ruby, adwords4r. It's very much unfinished, an alpha. I need to add a few more features, and some refactoring, documentation, comments and cleanup, but I have commited what I have today because a few folks seem interested. This is for early adopters and tinkerers. I'll do a proper announcement when I have something more rounded to present.

I copied and adapted a few things from the excellent ebay4r, and wonder wether there wouldn't be some of these aspects (wrapped exceptions, list of valid methods, header management) that we could generalize and include in soap4r to make the creation of such API wrappers easier.

To check it out:

svn checkout svn://

Then look at the Readme. It's on open source project, so don't hesitate to enhance it: there's still a bit of work to do to make it beta quality. The kind of stuff you can do with it:

adwords = adwords.getAllAdWordsCampaigns(123).each {|c| puts dumpObj(c)}



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