ROME in a day: great article about how to use ROME by Marcus Tullius Homo Ligneus

Posted by pat 193 days ago

Mark Woodman is in a creative streak: after his excellent Putting RSS to Work: Immediate Action Feeds, he just published ROME in a Day: Parse and Publish Feeds in Java on It explains how to use ROME with a quite detailed an fun example, FeedWarmer, a small application that performs the same kind of functionality as FeedBurner, ie adding Immediate Action features to your feed. He gives a nice overview of ROME and its various subprojects, and explains how to use modules to parse and generate namespaced metadata present in feeds.

In an email conversation we had, he worried that it was really beginner's material: it is, but it is comprehensive, and beginner's material is exactly what we need to attract more folks to ROME and show how mnaipulating feeds with it is simple. In the past few months Mark emerged as ROME's chief evangelist and I'm thankful for that. Maybe we should start calling him Marcus Tullius Homo Ligneus:-)

Thanks for the article Mark: keep the ideas coming!



  1. Mark said about 2 hours later:
    Pat, At first I found this flattering. Then I remembered my "namesake" was murdered over political issues. Considering I've been writing about the RSS Board lately... I guess I'd better watch my back. Anyway, I'll defer the Chief Evangelist title to one of the more senior guys on our team. I'm just the Loud Enthusiast. :) Say, what kind of traffic do you think I'd get if I used I'd better think about the demographics on that one. ;)
  2. P@ said 1 day later:
    Murdered indeed, but what a glory:-) About the demographics, I hadn't thought about that: I thought latin enthusiasts! Maybe I should get my nose out of books for a reality check from time to time.


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