Taking a tour of ROME

Posted by pat 221 days ago

New ROME commiter Randy J. Ray, who made yesterday's ROME 0.8 release possible by fixing many bugs, published today a great piece about how to use ROME on java.net: Taking a tour of ROME.

It seems I've crossed Randy's path all day: this morning I ordered a ROME T-Shirt from Cafepress for him, to thank him for his bug squashing expedition. Then I had lunch with Joe Ruff, an ex-Netscape friend now at Tellme, and when he told me Randy used to work at Tellme as well: small world! Last, tonight, looking at the bottom of his article I saw that Randy was the co-author of Programming Web Services With Perl, an excellent book I bought a few months ago when I joined Google, in order to learn more about the Perl Web Services toolkits that some of our API customers use.


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