Performancing Meta-Weblog API implementation is buggy. A workaround for Typo

Posted by pat 242 days ago

Performancing for Firefox Blogging Tool

I encountered a problem when trying to post this from Performancing. It would act like it was posting but it didn’t show up on the blog. A quick check of Typo’s production log showed the following error:

  RuntimeError (RPC-value of type boolean is wrong):
/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/xmlrpc/parser.rb:78:in `boolean'

A snippet from the xmlrpc call shows one boolean value

parser.rb was expecting a 1.

I encountered the same issue when trying Performancing the other day and did not bother to track it. Chris analyzed the bug, and in a comment to Chris' post, Uzair provides a nice Typo specific fix.

Looking at the xml-rpc specification, expects a 1, not 'true', so it's a Performancing bug in their meta weblog API implementation.
Let's try it out by posting this!


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