Test with Meta Weblog API settings

Posted by pat 536 days ago

I switched my Marsedit client to use meta weblog instead of movable type. Problem: where do I set Publish=true in the client UI?

OK, works: looking at the XML RPC console in MarsEdit it seems to be a client side problem: when using MovableType API the publish parameter is 0 by default, and there is no option in the client to set it to 1, when using the meta weblog API it is 1 by default. I guess Brent set it this way because MT has many options to manage your posts on the server. I’ll use Meta Weblog for now.

First small project I may tackle would be to add an Atom API handler to Typo:-)


  1. tobi said 11 days later:

    I would love atom api support.

    Unfortunately it looks like its really early in the spec and I don’t know about any clients which support it.

    But yea, the current XMLRPC based stuff is a mess beyond reason.

  2. pat said 11 days later:

    The spec will soon be finalized, and Marsedit currently supports it. I’ll take a stab at it.

  3. Seth said 13 days later:

    Marsedit supports the atom api?

  4. pat said 48 days later:

    No it doesn’t, my mistake: I thought it did;-)

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